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There are many different types of foster care our foster carers provide to meet the real-world needs of the foster children in their care. Placement can be either short term or long term, bridging placements and much more.

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The needs of vulnerable children & young people

As we offer a range of types of fostering placements purely designed to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people and their current circumstances we work with you as a foster carer or potential foster carer to make a choice as to which one is right for you and your family.

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The Types of foster care

Whatever you settle on as the type of foster care you feel is right for you, you will receive full support from us every step of the way.

These emergency fostering placements are true to their name as they are short notice placements when a child or young person has a need to be rehomed immediately as it may be unsafe or not possible for them to stay where they are currently. These placements are typically varied and require a fair degree of patience and flexibility.

Sometimes, short-term (or temporary) foster care is required in the interim before children can be moved to a longer-term placement or be returned to their family home, where possible. Foster carers like you can help by giving children all the care and attention they need as they settle into their temporary home and prepare for their next move.

Parents sometimes need a little bit of extra help caring for their children. We need foster carers to be on hand to help develop the parents’ skills whilst they learn from you. These placements are typically 12 weeks long but may last longer.

Bridging is a type of short-term foster care which takes place when babies or very young children need a temporary home before moving on to somewhere more permanent. You may be asked to provide foster care on a short-term basis as we prepare to move children back with their birth family or find long-term care or forever homes through adoption.

Sometimes the best solution is for the child to remain with a foster family for several years or up until they are ready to take care of themselves, which is where long-term foster care comes in. More often than not, the child will become a firm member of your family for the rest of your life.

Respite care provides short-term placements for children with the same carer, allowing emergency support for long-term foster carers. We arrange planned respite where possible, so the child can build a trusted relationship with the respite carer.

As you might expect, this is a demanding role with a lot of responsibility. It’s a highly specialised role for an experienced foster carer who might have additional skills and training. We recommend you consider being available to foster young children of other ages too.

Young people in the criminal justice system might be in need of a foster placement while waiting for their court date. As a remand foster carer, your support and encouragement can make a real difference in helping young people into a better future.

We do everything possible to keep siblings together when they are placed into foster care. This type of foster care is in demand. Can you provide a home for two or more brothers or sisters in a stable environment together?

You may have an idea of what kind of fostering appeals to you already, we can talk you through the process in more detail, so why not get in touch and request a callback or just give us a call.

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