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Ikon is on hand each step of the way to help make your transition as smooth as possible. The transfer process to us from your current agency or local authority is straightforward and not complicated.

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How the transfer process works

The process can vary slightly but we are with you every step of the way to make the process as easy as is possible.

Talk to us about your wish to transfer over. Supporting you starts here – these are fostering professionals who can share their experience with you and give you all the information and support you need.

Once you’ve met with us and made the decision to transfer, you will notify your current agency or local authority that you intend to transfer to Ikon Fostering.

You will meet your assessing social worker, who will be with you throughout your assessment process. Together, you will undergo your assessment including checks, references and a medical.

As part of your assessment we will capture all your existing fostering knowledge and experiences to help us develop you further.

You will attend some of our Skills To Foster training sessions to get to know your agency colleagues and meet some of our current foster carers.

Your application will be reviewed at our Fostering Panel who will make a recommendation confirming your approval with us.

We welcome foster carers who have children or young people already in their care and we will guide and support you through the transfer process. We will talk to you about the circumstances of the child’s placement, and help you make the move positively for you and your foster child.

Our priority is the welfare of the foster child and the process centres around this. Everyone involved in the care of the foster child will discuss the potential impact and if it’s in the child’s best interests to remain in your care as you move to another foster agency. In our experience, the child will usually be allowed to transfer with you; it’s very rare that they can’t.

All parties will also agree and plan the practicalities of how this will happen. You will be included in all these discussions.

Process of transferring with a foster child

  1. As the foster carer, you must give written notice of your intention to consider moving to Ikon Fostering. 
  2. When they receive your notification, a meeting will be held within 28 days of all the relevant parties – the placing authority (commissioning/contracting officers and the children’s social workers), the current fostering provider, and Ikon Fostering (as the new provider). You will also be invited.
  3. The meeting will consider:
    • Decisions made during the child’s latest Case Review, especially whether it’s in the foster child’s best interests to continue their placement with you, and how their care plan will continue to be followed.
    • How the child might be affected by your move to another service, such as the loss of or changes in relationships, activities and support services.
    • The particular support needs of the foster child and you as the foster carer, and how they will be provided by Ikon Fostering.
    • The circumstances in which Ikon Fostering may use any other placement vacancy once your transfer has been completed.
    • The arrangements for approval by Ikon Fostering and termination of your approval by your current service. The arrangements will be co-ordinated to ensure continuity.
    • A timetable for your approval as a foster carer for Ikon Fostering, including assessment and training. These will be completed within two to four months of the meeting.
  4. Our fostering panel will make its recommendation on your suitability within three to five months of receiving your application.
  5. When we’ve let you know we are preparing to approve you as a Ikon Fostering foster parent, it’s time to submit your resignation to your current fostering

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Caring for vulnerable children is an important and vital job. It is a Foster Carer’s right to be with/transfer to an agency that they feel will enable them to carry out this role to the best of their abilities, to help you to ensure the best outcomes for the children you look after. Foster care is a demanding job and therefore foster carers should receive support, training and proper financial income to reflect this. If you are interested please fill the contact form as best you can and we will contact you back.


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"Sincere and genuine. Very efficient and honest in my opinion. Makes it easier to do the demanding job that is fostering when you have people on your side that let you get on with it."
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"A very caring service with great staff. Nice family feel to the agency."
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"Ikon Fostering were nothing but professional and polite people - Helped me with all my enquires about adoption and starting the adoption process especially with being a younger person of a single status. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone."
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