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Valuable skills...

You never stop learning and growing as a foster carer and the training and support you receive will be important to you. We provide regular training delivered by professionals, on a wide range of subjects including Autism, Therapeutic parenting, transitions… you tell us what you need, and will endeavour to deliver it.

We make sure that you have the right skills and confidence to be a good foster carer.

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Skills training for foster carers...

High-quality training courses available for each and everyone of the foster carers that work with us. These free, flexible and easy to access. We hope that they will help you to grow into confident and effective foster carers & that you enjoy the courses too

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Training that you can trust...

Ikon foster carers love the training as it can be fitted around their lifestyle. You will be able to access some courses online too.

  • Trainers with personal experience and expertise in their area
  • Get access to other carers to exchange stories. We have regular foster carer support groups, therapeutic support forums and a buddy system for new carers
  • Special training to help you gain the skills needed to deal with challenging behaviours  
  • Learn about Therapeutic parenting early on as an Ikon carer 

We provide core training for all our newer carers, along with more specialist training as you progress in your role as a foster carer. Courses that are popular include:

  • Therapeutic parenting delivered by a qualified Pyschotherapist
  • Loss and grief
  • Attachment in children
  • Medication training led by a Health Lead Pharmacist
  • Health outcomes (led by a local GP)

Therapeutic fostering is a specialist type of foster care that is tailored to support children and young people who have dealt with trauma, abuse or any other kind of severe disruption prior to being placed into foster care. These children may have trouble forming meaningful and trusting relationships with other people or have other behavioural or emotional issues.

To enable foster carers in getting the skills they need for caring for traumatised children, we offer a full range of support mechanisms. This is available for carers as well as children.

Therapeutic models form key approaches we use. Attachment focused therapy as well as a parenting approach helps to improve a child’s emotional health whilst supporting reparative healing revolving around the trauma encumbered child.

The PACE model developed as an effective therapeutic intervention for families that had fostered or adopted children with notable developmental trauma plus the insecurity of attachment. At Ikon Therapeutic training is led by an experienced Psychotherapist and focuses on the needs of children who have experienced developmental trauma.

Therapeutic parenting training is available to all Ikon carers and forms is an integral part of the ethos of Ikon Fostering.

Pre-Approval Training

All prospective Foster Carers are provided with three days of Pre-Approval training, prior to assessment. This program covers every aspect of the role of a Foster Carer, and is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to assist them in their role as Foster Carers. This is our most well established and highly acclaimed training package that has over the years inspired and produced some of our most highly skilled foster carers to date.

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"Ikon Fostering were nothing but professional and polite people - Helped me with all my enquires about adoption and starting the adoption process especially with being a younger person of a single status. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone."
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