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With Ikon, Fostering is the looking after and providing of a full-time, safe and nurturing family environment for children and young people who are in need.

In this situation the foster carers receive effective real-world training and ongoing support along with a generous fostering allowance. Find out more below…

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The wellbeing of foster children and young people

Foster carers can also be called foster parents. These foster parents dedicate a great deal of time and energy into the wellbeing of a child or young person that is in their care.

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What does fostering involve?

  • A foster care placement with foster carers might be short or long term.
  • Ikon’s foster carers receive a generous fostering allowance. This helps them provide the stability and security that their foster children need.
  • With fostering their is a requirement for flexibility, patience and ongoing understanding.
  • Foster carers will have a comfortable welcoming home with a bedroom for the dedicated use of the foster child.
  • Being provided the essential support needed from Ikon Fostering, as a foster carer you will be working as a valued part of the Ikon Fostering team
  • And as a way to achieve the best possible outcomes for you, your family and the child in your care you will whole-heartedly make the most of the training made available to you.

Why is fostering needed?

For children and young people there are numerous reasons as to why they need to be looked after by a foster carer. Each scenario and each case is different, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are in need. There are 3 far reaching categories that this “in need” covers and these placement may relate to the child or young person is going through a home life period of instability, they may be suffering harm from family member or have special needs.

It is a fallacy that families are always at fault or that foster children are always difficult, each case in point is unique and individual in its own way and deserving of a nurturing, supportive and caring home.

Periods of instability

Unfortunately a variety of families experience going through periods of instability brought on by difficult circumstances. This may be due to things such as medical conditions, family breakdowns, learning difficulties, substance dependencies or depression to name a few. In this scenario there is a need for the family and child to spend some time apart to aid in the finding a solution.

Harm from family members

If a child is experiencing an abusive home life, the parents or guardians may be: 

  • failing to meet the basic needs of their child or young person
  • caused them harm
  • or brought them into contact with inappropriate behaviour or risk

Here a safe environment is needed so that the child or young person can thrive in a nurturing and supportive foster home.

Abuse here falls into five groups: (1) physical abuse; (2) sexual abuse; (3) exposure to domestic violence; and (5) neglect. Sadly these can have long lasting and lingering effects on the victim. Foster children here may need extra special nurture, care and attention.

Special needs

Occasionally parents of children with special needs require a foster carer to take charge so that they can have a breather and take a break. It can be both challenging and draining looking after a child with special needs on a full-time basis. Here respite care for the child can allow parents to recover over a weekend, a couple of weeks or even the duration of the school holidays.

Special needs is a broad category that includes a child or young person that has specific medical needs, severe disabilities, challenging behaviour or has learning difficulties. In each case the foster carer would need to have been specifically trained to deal with each of the required needs first before being put forward for this type of foster care.

Fostering is an important undertaking that has a real-world impact on a child or young persons life

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We place young people and children with foster carers across the UK, including: Walsall, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Bilston, Aldridge, Lichfield, Tamworth, Telford, Birmingham, Coventry, Stafford, Warwick, Worcester, Brierley Hill, Stourbridge, the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, surrounding areas and many other parts of the UK.

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"Sincere and genuine. Very efficient and honest in my opinion. Makes it easier to do the demanding job that is fostering when you have people on your side that let you get on with it."
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Alan Ranganathan
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"A very caring service with great staff. Nice family feel to the agency."
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George McCloud
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"Ikon Fostering were nothing but professional and polite people - Helped me with all my enquires about adoption and starting the adoption process especially with being a younger person of a single status. Very impressed and would recommend to anyone."
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Leonie Moore
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