Katie R

Supervising Social Worker

Intersting fact: Before coming to Ikon as a Social worker, I trained as a mentor and worked with young people from different backgrounds.  I really enjoyed this line of work.  Seeing the difference it makes to young people to have someone they can trust, talk to and confide in was extremely rewarding.  I have used the skills I gained during this time to help me in my role as a social worker.  In my personal life I enjoy spending time at my caravan in Wales with my family and friends.

Favourite colour: My favourite colour is silver, the shinier the better. I love anything silver and would have my whole house silver if I could!

Dislike:  My dislike would have to be mushrooms, although I do like them, they don’t like me and when i eat them they make me ill.

Katie of Ikon Fostering of Walsall, West Midlands, UK